Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Universal Matrix

Order is heavens first law
Alexander Pope.

The whole universe is structured and governed by a complex set of immutable laws. Plato saw ultimate reality composed of two distinct "worlds" or dimensions of being. The world of physical objects in space and time is known through sense perception and ordinary thought. Apart from this is the metaphysical world of forms known only through philosophic reflection and dialectical interchange--a realm beyond ordinary experience and requiring special capabilities to apprehend.

"A law of physics is a pattern that nature obeys without exception."
Cosmologist Sean Carroll

Physicist Eugene Wigner confesses that the mathematical underpinning of nature "is something bordering on the mysterious and there is no rational explanation for it." Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize winner for quantum electrodynamics, said, "Why nature is mathematical is a mystery...The fact that there are rules at all is a kind of miracle."

Life, the sculptor, shapes all living things; an artist, it designs every leaf of every tree, and colors every flower. Life is a musician and has taught each bird to sing its love song, the insects to call one another in the music of their multitudinous sounds. Life is a sublime chemist, giving taste to fruits and spices, and perfume to the rose, changing water and carbonic acid into sugar and wood, and, in so doing, releasing oxygen that animals may have the breath of life.

Former President of the New York Academy of Sciences
A. Cressy Morrison

Whenever we find something " out of balance " , with the forces of nature we can rest assured that in time certain forces / catastrophes or events will emerge to re-establish order. Within nature we have forces of momentum and forces of inertia. Because of this fact, all energy - from the electron to light in interstellar space - travels in an ark or curve which sooner or later forms a circle. ( Alpha and Omega.)

Everyone has heard of the Butterfly Effect - mankind cannot lift a finger without setting the forces of nature in motion, every action has a consequence - therefore every thought/action should be aligned with spirit or for those that do not believe in the supernatural your thought/action should be aligned with your conscience.

Please take time to watch the three videos posted below - wise words from Native American Indians - heed the warnings. I foresee the same future for mankind if we are not very very careful.

The archetypes form a dynamic substratum common to all humanity, a prototype of hierarchical functions that co-exist within our conscious self. I believe it is through this prototype we are governed by a complex set of primordial universal laws which equate to karma - a divine system of justice that is self-governing and infinitely fair. In many respects this would make God impartial to outcomes on a personal level because our actions would fall under the jurisdiction of " The Law of Inevitability." The role of karma, is not some form of heavenly retribution, but the law of cause and effect whose operation eventually leads to oneness with the source of life. Our emotions, thoughts and physical actions - are energy in motion.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you will never fool yourself.

As a man sows - so he shall reap

Cast your bread upon the waters ( energy / thoughts ) and it will return to you


A matrix is defined as " Something within which something else originates, takes from, or develops " ( in other words a seed ) matrix is also defined as a " mold " or " die " that leaves an imprint on something else. The Australian Aborigines have a name for it - jiva or guruwari, a seed power deposited in the earth. According to Aborigines, every action or event that occurs at a particular place leaves behind a vibrational residue in the earth, plants leave an image of themselves as seeds.

The universal matrix / prototype is imprinted into our DNA defining and laying the foundation of our physical characteristics - our personalities - intellect - our subconscious mind - the collective unconscious and all associated primordial knowledge. According to Native American Indian mythology Spider Grandmother was responsible for all the stars in the sky - she took a giant web she had spun, and laced it with dew. She then threw it into the sky, and the dew became the stars. Some liken her to the Creatix ( Matrix.) Spider Grandmother like the ( Fates ) contains the essence that constitutes the matrix - weaving life into the cosmos creating a rich tapestry like grid that connects and ties all creation together.

So if we are ALL born with pretty much the same hard wiring - at what point do some people partially disconnect ( or become oblivious ) to the subconscious / mystical aspects of the matrix so to speak whilst others are drawn closer ? Because I do believe we all come to a crossroad in life - at which point many of us begin to veer in a different direction. Then I started wondering what that catalyst for change would be ?? What prompted the spiritual / mystical change in me ? Throughout my early childhood I was conscious of my intuitive / empathic abilities but it wasn't until I hit puberty I realised the full scope of my psychic gifts ( events that leaned towards telekinesis - psychokinesis ) - my dreams became more vivid - lucid - symbolic and spiritual in context and it was also during this period that I began experiencing much more frequent bouts of deja vu.

Which led me to wonder if the catalyst for most people is puberty ? A time of intense hormonal upheavals - resulting in massive alchemical processes of change and transformation ? This would coincide with documented cases of poltergeist activity ( which the scientific community deem a form of telekinesis - psychokinesis ) a phenomena that predominantly seems to affect young teenage girls. We could also tie this period of time in with Indigenous groups initiation rites which generally occur when younger members of the tribe reach puberty. While there are many different Native American religious practices, most address the following areas of "supernatural concern": an omnipresent, invisible "universal force," "taboo," pertaining to the "three 'life crises' of birth, puberty, and death," "spirits," " visions," the "shaman," and "communal ceremony." The Aborigines initiation rites centred around the potency of the "Dreaming" , and this Dreaming constituted the sacredness of the earth. Only in extraordinary states of consciousness can one be aware of, or attuned to, the inner dreaming of the Earth - The expression 'Dreamtime' is most often used to refer to the 'time before time', or 'the time of the creation of all things', while 'Dreaming' is often used to refer to an individuals or group's set of beliefs or spirituality.

For anyone that has difficulty digesting information regarding psychic / supernatural phenomena - I would just like to remind you about the forces of nature -all you need is one small catalyst to trigger change on a momentous scale. Just take lightning for example - lightning is produced in thunderstorms when liquid and ice particles above the freezing level collide, and build up large electrical fields in the clouds. Once these electric fields become large enough, a giant "spark" occurs between them, like static electricity, reducing the charge separation. The temperature inside a lightning bolt can reach 50,000 degrees F, hotter than the surface of the sun. The Cosmos - life and evolution are all the direct result of chemical reactions - why would the expansion of human consciousness be any different ?

In order to reach our full potential as human beings it is essential we harmonise all aspects of our being - this includes our feminine / masculine polar opposites. I am sorry to say that anyone who is a member of a religious group or secret society that is set up along patriarchal lines is wasting their time !! Because often the core strategy of these institutions is one of domination and exclusion - this kind of mindset will only thwart spiritual growth ? Higher states of consciousness are only possible when the polar opposites unite - Men do not and never will hold dominion over the spiritual realm. Naturally it goes without saying - this applies to exclusive women's groups as well. Respect - balance and harmony is the key !

Although currently expressed in terms of linear and intuitive halves of the brain, the concept of androgyny (the integration of male and female characteristics within each person) is central to ancient myths and religions. Most accounts concern an initial separation of the sexes and subsequent efforts to unite male and female forces. For example, the Chinese polar halves of Yin and Yang were formed from a single fluid, and the Hindus speak of the splitting of the original creative force called the Supreme Self. In Western myths, the creator remains entire and the split transpires within the creature (e.g., Adam and Eve). The Greek version suggests that the gods split people in half to punish them for their conceit. All of these myths express concern for uniting the separation (or dual halves of the psyche) through symbols of androgyny. By combining both linear (male) and intuitive (female) qualities within the individual psyche, one unites the polar forces which represent creation and growth. Thus Eastern icons are often hermaphroditic, as are Christian, Persian, and Hindu-Buddhist angels. Traditional rituals such as marriage and alchemy also portray union of polar opposites.

Special thanks to String for prompting some of my thoughts here :)


  1. What a great blog again! I love the description of the Aboriginal guruwari...what a great concept...

    Isn't it interesting that some children have one foot in the mystical (imaginary playmates etc) and then around puberty they either lose their intuitive abilities due to societal pressure or alchemize them? The outsider phenomena/survival or cultural support are probably reasons some people keep their psi abilities.

  2. "The outsider phenomena/survival or cultural support are probably reasons some people keep their psi abilities."

    Yes I agree with you 100% String. I think in my case ( further psychic development ) was the direct result of survival / parental support - because whilst my dad pretty much believed in nothing - my mother was brought up a strict catholic - often had precognitive dreams - was highly superstitious and extremely intuitive. Ironically I hit puberty around about the time my mother returned from a trip to the UK. Apparently Ouija boards were all the craze over there and whilst the ouija board died a very quick death at home - in terms of interest - my mother then went on a learning frenzy - reading the likes of Freud - Jung - Nietzsche - Gurgeiff - Joseph Campbell - you get my drift lol What I find most interesting about this stage in her frenzied quest to understand the deeper meaning of life was " The Timing " it occured just as I was entering ( puberty )

  3. Destiny, I shall have to come back here and read this post too. Like string, yours deserve time and contemplation, neither of which are possible for me right now. I am dying to watch the video clips and your pictures are beautiful. I will most definitely be back....asap!xx

  4. Aww you're a sweetie - I know how busy life can be :) take all the time you need - I cant wait till you start writing again either ( have missed your blogs immensely ) - so in the meantime don't forget ( stop - take a deep breath and exhale lol )xx

  5. A fantastic and thought provoking post, rich in sources and images. Great reading dear Destiny, and I find your conclusion so fitting. Yes, indeed, we need to unite these forces, not continue along separate, disparate lines. I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to read it, but now I have, I'm most definitely the richer for it. Thank you!

  6. Thank you Val :) Must say I have been loving all your blogs lately - all the travelling lol such a rich an exciting life you live - I guess that is the advantage of living in the Northern Hemisphere everything is just a hop skip and a jump away - bit different for us folks downunder lol

  7. You are right about being in a great location Destiny, but I'd trade quite a bit for a little more of your climate! I miss South Africa like crazy sometimes, not just for the weather, but for the exuberance, warmth and spontaneity of the people too xx

  8. Haaa... I am so missing you my friend.