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The Real Da Vinci Code - Knights Templars - 2012 - UFO's - Secret societies

In reference to time/space travel = 2012 connection

It is important to note Sarfatti never mentioned the term space / time travel specifically. It is about half way down the page - when they talk about “ Sarfatti Drive “ in reference to Warp Drive physics.

AAG: Now in terms of your research in particular, how do you envision the types of transportation that it might lead to? I mean, 100 years from now, if somebody fires up their "Sarfatti Drive", what's it going to do?

Sarfatti: I am not interested in 100 years from now. I am interested in 5 years from now.


Kabbalah the Key?

Some think that Michelangelo would have been exposed to Jewish teachings in Florence, while living in Lorenzo de Medici's household.
Medici was the powerful leader of Florence, and used his influence to bring many great thinkers and artists to his city. Some of them studied the Zohar, a book at the center of a form of Jewish mysticism called Kabbalah.
According to Doliner and Blech, Kabbalah is the key to cracking the code of many of Michelangelo's hidden messages. But their first clue didn't come from an art historian. Rather, it came from a tourist from Indiana who looked up at the famous panel of "The Creation of Adam," and was reminded of something else.

"In the late 1970s, a surgeon went into the Sistine Chapel, took a look at this [fresco]. He said to himself, wait, this is Anatomy 101.… This is actually a cross-section of the brain, the right hand side of the brain," Blech said.
"Now, what's interesting is in Kabbalah we have different kinds of wisdom," said Doliner. "The right side of the human brain in Kabbalah means wisdom -- chokhma." God is appearing from the right side of the brain in that fresco.

Doliner and Blech are not the first to see Kabbalistic imagery on the ceiling. In 1986, Jane Schuyler, an art historian and professor at York College, CUNY, published an article about the beautiful woman under God's arm in the "Creation of Adam" panel. Many assume this character is a preview of Eve, but Schuyler thinks this mystery woman could represent Shekhinah, God's female beloved from Kabbalah.

I would like to look into some of the tradition behind this name in relation to the Sophia/Wisdom tradition that has to some extent followed the gradual publication and analysis of the Coptic manuscripts discovered in 1946 in the ruins of Chenoboskion in upper Egypt, the texts known as the Nag Hammadi Gnostic library.

In these still largely unfamiliar relics of a religion strange to most, there appears over and over again the supernal feminine figure of Sophia. (The Greek form, Sophia, remains in the Coptic.) Descriptions of her are diverse, because the documents in the library are of diverse origin. Gnosticism was not so much a distinct religion as rather a movement and a tendency within many different religions and philosophies; so that there were Jewish Gnostics, Christian Gnostics and Gnostics loyal to the gods of the Roman state. The Nag Hammadi documents reveal Stoic backgrounds in some places and Neo-Platonist backgrounds in others.

In the early rabbinical period of Talmud and Midrash, Wisdom as a distinct personality largely disappears probably because those writers are trying to distance themselves from the contemporary Gnostic movements. But soon other supernal feminine figures take her place in Jewish tradition; figures in whom characteristics of Sophia appear: the personified Torah, the Shekinah (the divine presence), the Matronit, the Sabbath, Shabbat, as the maiden princess in whom the Lord delights.(14) Hochmah does reappear in a central position in the medieval Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah, especially as this is summed up in the Zohar, the book of splendor. Scholars today are convinced that the Zohar was written in or around 1286 by Moses de Leon in Castile, Spain; but that scholar always insisted he was only passing on what he found in a manuscript from Shimeon ben Yohai, who taught at the religious center of Safed in Palestine in the second century C.E.

Forbidden messages in hidden Frescoes ?

The Michelangelo Code

No one could doubt Michelangelo's technical skill, his artistic genius, or his obvious familiarity with gross human anatomy. But how was it possible for even a Renaissance Master to acquire such an intimate knowledge of human neuro-anatomy, particularly the human brain?
For the church of Santo Spirito in Florence, Michelangelo made a crucifix of wood which was placed above the lunette of the high altar, where it still is. He made this to please the prior, who placed rooms at his disposal where Michelangelo very often used to flay dead bodies in order to discover the secrets of anatomy.

Was this also somehow related to Samuel Sarfatti ?

Michaelangelo's "Secret Agenda"?

The woman with child from the Book of Revelation is Isis and Horus.

The woman clothed with the Sun (Osiris) gives birth to the Christ child. This is the completion of the "Alchemical Wedding" that Jesus spoke of when he said, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."

In the Valentinian Gnostic system, Christ is the bride of Sophia. And not coincidentally, he described the existence of a Wall of Light that stood as a barrier between this world and the next, called Horos!

(18) The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us how our end will be."
Jesus said, "Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death."

Personally I think mankind - like everything else in the Universe originates from the seed of God. God is the grand architect / creator and therefore encompasses all aspects of creation including time. The creator is The Alpha and The Omega - The beginning and the end .

God has full and exact knowledge of the universe and all its contents. Since God is beyond all time and space, both of which are united in the creators knowledge as a single point, and since the creator’s eternal, all-encompassing knowledge does not depend on them, time is a unified whole.

Given this, precedence, sequence, or division of time, and all other time-related concepts do not exist for the creator. We should always remember that our categories of past, present, and future time are only artificial categories designed to make our lives more manageable. Mankind views time from a linear - mathematical perspective - the creator does not. Time and space are also only two dimensions of creation.

About quarter of the way down the page - I found this piece really beautiful - full of insight and well worth reading.

The Creation of Man


BY that trick of the mind called by the rhetoricians " synecdoche," the Creation of Man, seen anywhere, in even the poorest print, means to me the whole Sistine Chapel. One glance at the familiar lines and my spirit has leaped the sea. I have escaped from the rattling carriage in the sun-drowned Piazza San Pietro, have passed in safety the watchmen of the flaming garb, and am standing with uncovered head beneath the great dim ceiling. The titanic fresco is of irresistible power. Whoever comes into its presence feels the spell. Having seen it, one can no more forget it than he can forget his first vision of the all-encompassing sky goddess Newt on the ceiling of the Kiosque of Dendera, with the moon and the stars at her breast and the sun rising from her lap.

The Creation of Man is the fourth panel in the series of nine which constitutes the central portion of the frescoes; or the sixth in the series reckoned in the order in which it was painted. For, as all the world knows, the series was painted backward. Just why the Drunkenness of Noah was chosen as the subject of the last panel, and then painted first, all the world is still discussing. Disgusted with the conditions of his time, stung by the gibe of his enemies (that a sculptor could not paint), and forced to begin the work against his will, what would have been more natural to a man of Michelangelo's temper, than to have seized upon the Drunkenness of Noah as typical of the day, and to have painted that first, and in the style popular at the moment, to beat his jealous rivals at their own game, and to show them what he thought of the whole wretched situation .

The Creation of Man, or as it is often called, the Creation of Adam, is reckoned as the masterpiece in this masterly series. In it the artist's genius reaches highwater mark. The composition is a unit; it has not two themes, like the Eden panel, but one, and that sun-clear. In some of the other panels the intention of the artist is not evident at sight. Here misunderstanding is impossible. This superb creature on a hilltop, just coming alive, has no rival in the whole range of painting.

The lines upon which the picture is composed are in themselves of astonishing power. This becomes obvious in a tracing. In the Creator group the curves come into the picture like a rushing mighty wind driving everything before it. The effect of this onset is evident in the Adam group. But the force in the one takes a turn about the head of the Creator and flashes forth on a new path to the fingertip, while the force in the other, just when it seems to have spent itself in the head of Adam,
reappears in the feebly outstretched arm and is lost in the drooping hand.

The marvel is more marvelous when one realizes that these curves, expressing divine life and human lassitude, both to the very hmits of possibility, are the same ! Like an Athenian vase of the best period, the whole composition is a play upon one line. A single curve, the curve of force, builds the entire design.

"For as all the world knows, the series was painted backward."Just why the Drunkenness of Noah was chosen as the subject of the last panel, and then painted first, all the world is still discussing."

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The real Da Vinci Code - Knights Templars - 2012 - Secret societies - UFO's - Part 4

A little bit more about Rashi de Troyes

Rashi was a rabbi from France, famed as the author of the first comprehensive commentaries on the Talmud, Torah and Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). Rashi's commentary has been included in every edition of the Talmud since its first printing in the 1520s.

Rashi also wrote an extensive commentary on the Hebrew Bible completed in the last years of his life. It was quickly accepted as authoritative by virtually all European Jewish communities, Ashkenazi and Sephardi alike.

It would later come to have an impact on the Christian version of the Old Testament through the work of the Franciscan scholar Nicholas de Lyra, who often cited Rashi.

Rashi was the only child born to his parents, at Troyes, Champagne, northern France. On his father Yitzchak's side, he was reportedly the descendant of Rabbi Yochanan Hasandlar, who was a fourth generation of Gamaliel (the Elder), himself reputedly descended from the royal house of King David.

Several legends surrounding Rashi's birth have passed into Jewish folklore. Two of the most famous stories concern his conception and birth.

One story relates that Rashi's parents were childless for many years. One day, his father, a poor vintner, found a valuable gem or pearl. A bishop wished to acquire this jewel for decorating his church (or vestments). However, rather than have this jewel be used for such a purpose, Yitzchak threw it into the Seine. When he arrived home, a man was waiting for him. "You threw the gemstone into the water so it wouldn't be used for idolatry," the man told him. "Now your wife will have a son who will illuminate the world with his Torah." This harbinger was none other than the prophet Elijah. The following year, Yitzchak and his wife were blessed with a son.

Another legend relates that Yitzchak decided to move temporarily to the city of Worms, Germany. He and his wife lived in the Jewish quarter and attended the small synagogue there, awaiting the birth of their child. One day, as Yitzchak's wife was walking down the narrow alley, two large carriages came charging through the alley. There was no room to escape, so she turned to the wall and pressed herself against it. The wall miraculously softened and accommodated her pregnant form. The carriages rushed by and she was unscathed. An indentation in the size, height, and shape of a woman's pregnant belly in the wall of the Rashi Shul was shown to visitors to the city until the building's destruction during the Hitler era. The building has since been reconstructed, using much of its original material.

Rashi became a spiritual pillar of the Jewish communities which had been ravaged by the crusade. He returned to help rebuild the destroyed Jewish Community of Worms and rededicated the synagogue there, which for millennia has been known as the "Rashi Shul."

Legend also surrounds the writing of this commentary, which is seen by many to have been written with ruach hakodesh—divine inspiration—to explain its mass appeal. Rabbi Chaim Joseph David Azulai wrote in his Shem HaGedolim: "Apparently, Rashi wrote his commentary by using a secret [technique to gain Godly inspiration], and therefore he fasted 613 times [before undertaking this project]."

1070 AD Rashi founds a school of Kabbalah in the Court of the Count of Champagne, from which the first Grail romances were composed by Chretien de Troyes

1105 AD: At the instigation of Hugues de Champagne, monks of the Cistercian order begin intensive study of ancient Hebrew texts. They are assisted by Jewish scholars from the famous Kabbalah school of Rabbi Simon bar Jochai - Rashi of Troyes.

Alchemy Timeline

The Templars and the Grail

"The Creation" by Michelangelo, an anatomy student of Samuel Sarfatti who was personal physician to Pope Julius II and as a consequence brokered the deal for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Is the picture depicting an image in which God reaches back to Eden from the future to Adam's outstretched hand?

What we are talking about here is a universe designed and created from the future. In such a universe, things that seemed to be mere random coincidences, acquire new levels of meaning. becoming part of a new kind of "supercausality". Unhappy with the classical explanation of causality, because it left so many meaningful events in his life unexplained, psychologist Dr. Carl Jung coined the term 'synchronicities' which are meaningful coincidences. Thoughts and events sharing a common meaning are attracted to each other like magnets, across the seemingly impenetrable barrier of space-time; although there is no ordinary causal relationship between them, they are inextricably linked.

Jung relates a story of such a synchronicity that occurred to him while conducting analysis with a young woman. "The night before coming to see him she dreamt that she had been given a golden scarab. Jung was sitting with his back to the closed window listening to her recount her dream when he heard a gentle tapping behind his shoulder. Looking round, he saw a small insect knocking against the windowpane. Opening the window, the insect flew in and he caught it in his hand. what he saw was a scarabaeid beetle, the closest equivalent to a golden scarab one could find in Switzerland. 'I must admit', Jung wrote, 'that nothing like it has ever happened before or since and that the dream of the patient has remained unique in my experience.' Jung kept coming across connections which 'I simply could not explain as chance groupings.'"3

And, as Sarfatti points out, "The invisible world of the quanta obey the superluminal dictates of the future."

Now that's really a coincidence...Coming events cast their shadows before. - James Joyce, Ulysses

Alan Wolf and a few other authors are all coming to the same conclusion that influences from the future contribute essentially to what actually happens now in addition to influences from the past and from the absolute elsewhere outside the light cone. The indeterminism of quantum events is explained by the idea that an effect here and now at the quantum level has not only the common sense past "retarded" causes but counter-intuitive future "advanced" or what Aristotle called "final causes". This return of old teleological ideas of meaning, purpose and destiny into physics is also found in the "strong" and "final" versions of the "Anthropic Cosmological Principle" by John Barrow and Frank Tipler. Indeed, Frank Tipler has published a recent book, "The Physics of Immortality", which lends support to this author's peculiar view in which "God" is defined in physical terms as the ultimate Future and Final Cause literally creating the universe backward-in-time ( BIT ). This sheds new light on Wheeler's "IT from BIT" remark.

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The real Da Vinci Code - Knights Templars - 2012 - Ufo's - Secret societies - Part 3


From Sarfatti's Illuminati - In the Thick of It!

Jim Garrison and Tom Jenkins from Gorbachev Foundation hosted a fun-filled birthday party for Nina Kucharev on this past Saturday night on the third floor of my office at 3220 Sacramento Street in San Francisco. Tom Jenkins is a former physicist who arranges much of the logistics for Jim Garrison, such as Boris Yeltsin's visit to the USA before he became President of Russia. Tom and I had an interesting conversation in which we both noted the amazing patterns of synchronicity linking physicists interested in consciousness, extra-terrestrial intelligence, remote-viewing and other fringe areas with the pivotal events that ended the Cold War. Danny Sheehan, who also visits our office, was co-founder with Garrison, of the now defunct Christic Institute, a casualty of the Iran-Contra operation. Sheehan, has had childhood "close encounter experiences" analogous to the one I reported in "The Parsifal Effect".

Evidently, it might appear that Dan Sheehan, was also part of the "400" CONTACTEES MENTIONED TO ME ON THE PHONE IN 1952 BY THE ALLEGED "CONSCIOUS COMPUTER' ON THE SPACECRAFT FROM THE FUTURE. Harvard Professor John Mack, influential in the Esalen-Soviet Exchange Program, and under fire from Harvard for his bold study of UFO abductees, is also, it might appear, [B]PART OF THE '400 "[/B].

A little bit more about two of the so called 400 contacted by a computer from the future :

Tom Jenkins - Physicist

Danny Sheehan video - interesting and well worth watching

John Edward Mack, M.D. another possible contactee was an American psychiatrist, and Professor at the Harvard University School of Medicine. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien encounter experiences, sometimes called the Abduction Phenomenon.

Alien abduction encounters had been reported since at least the 1950s (the account of Antonio Villas Boas), and had seen some limited attention from academic figures (Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle perhaps being the earliest, in the 1960s). Mack, however, remains probably the most esteemed academic to have studied the subject. Mack initially suspected that such persons were suffering from mental illness, but when no obvious pathologies were present in the persons he interviewed, Mack's interest was piqued.

Literature professor Terry Matheson writes that "Mack's interest in the spiritual or transformational aspects of people's alien encounters, and his suggestion that the experience of alien contact itself may be more spiritual than physical in nature -- yet nonetheless real -- set him apart from many of his contemporaries such as Budd Hopkins, who advocated the physical reality of aliens."

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove stated that Mack seemed "inclined to take these [abduction] reports at face value". Mack replied by saying "Face value I wouldn't say. I take them seriously. I don't have a way to account for them." Similarly, the BBC quoted Mack as saying, "I would never say, yes, there are aliens taking people. [But] I would say there is a compelling powerful phenomenon here that I can't account for in any other way, that's mysterious. Yet I can't know what it is but it seems to me that it invites a deeper, further inquiry."

Interviews and case studies conducted by John Mack

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The real Da Vinci Code - 2012 - Knights Templars - UFO's - Part 2

The next story from Sarfatti involves (mainly) Uri Geller, Andrija Puharich, and Ray Stanford and a strange synchronicity with the January 1974 issue of Analog, with a painting by Kelly Freas of Stanford in a hawk-head helmet on the cover.

"There is a further dimension to this whole story. Geller and Puharich had first described the extraterrestrial entity to me as a spacecraft computer. By November of 1973 I had learned that they were also describing the entity as a hawk and calling it SPECTRA. In Puharich's book Uri (published in 1974), SPECTRA is described as a giant computer which occasionally projects a hawk-like entity onto this planet.
RCA used to manufacture a large computer called Spectra-70. RCA suddenly went out of the computer business entirely in October 1971 under mysterious circumstances. Two months later, in December 1971, SPECTRA came through to Geller and Puharich as a mechanical sounding voice claiming to be a spacecraft-computer '53,069 light-ages' away. Later SPECTRA came in the form of a hawk. Of course, Dr. Puharich has a long background in electronics and the name of the RCA computer, Spectra-70, was undoubtedly buried somwhere in his conscious or unconscious. But that does not explain my own bird-of-prey experience with Geller, or Ray Stanford's hawk-SPECTRA dreams

Jacques Vallees' experience at RCA, has undoubtedly contributed to his approach to the UFO problem. In Messengers of Deception (also published by And/Or press, Berkeley, 1979), he considers that it is the ability to reshape data that is the controlling factor. He writes (on page 209):

"I still feel that the UFO phenomenon represents a manifestation of a reality that transcends our current understanding of physics. It is not the phenomenon itself, but the belief it has created, which is manipulated by human groups with their own objectives."

Jacques Vallee is a French-born venture capitalist, computer scientist, ufologist and former astronomer, currently residing in San Fransisco, California in the United States. In mainstream science, Vallee is notable for co-developing the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA, and for his work at SRI International in creating ARPANET, a precursor to the modern internet. Vallee is also an important figure in the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), first noted for a defense of the scientific legitimacy of the extraterrestrial hypothesis and later for promoting the Interdimensional hypothesis.

In May 1955, Vallée first sighted an unidentified flying object over his Pontoise home. Six years later in 1961, while working on the staff of the French Space committee, Vallée witnessed the destruction of the tracking tapes of unknown objects orbiting the earth. These events contributed to Vallée's long-standing interest in the UFO phenomenon. In the mid-1960s, like many other UFO researchers, Vallée initially attempted to validate the popular Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (or ETH). Leading UFO researcher Jerome Clark argues that Vallée's first two UFO books were among the most scientifically sophisticated defenses of the ETH ever mounted.


“Jack you are Heir to the Tradition. You will not come into your power until you are with the woman and the child - You will smash the wall of light!". Carlo Saures.” (1892-1976) to Jack Sarfatti Christmas 1973 Paris. Was Saures a member of The Priory of Sion ?

Carlos Suares

The Einstein barrier for the motion of matter is called / known as the wall of light.

Is the woman and child mentioned above meant to represent the biblical woman and child ? Is it the wall of light ? And the reference to the dragon definitely makes more sense now.

The phrase Woman of the Apocalypse refers to a character from the Book of Revelation 12:1-18:[2]

1 And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. 2 And being with child, she cried travailing in birth: and was in pain to be delivered. 3 And there was seen another sign in heaven. And behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and on his heads seven diadems. 4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered: that, when she should be delivered, he might devour her son. 5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with an iron rod. And her son was taken up to God and to his throne. 6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she had a place prepared by God, that there they should feed her, a thousand two hundred sixty days

Dragon = Ouraborous = Time

In one interview Jack Sarfatti mentions time travel is only 4 years away ?? 2012.

Could any of this information have anything to do with the LHC - who is really behind that experiment ? Just a thought but if spirit meets matter = time could man be opening the door to the abyss ?

Destiny Matrix

In that same interview he said he was currently in black ops in a safehouse ? Why

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The real Da Vinci Code - 2012 - Knights Templars - UFO's - Part 1

The last two years have been the most amazing journey of my life - two years jam packed full of extremes and I would not trade one second of this amazing journey for all the money in the world. When you experience a series of synchronous events you do become aware of an underlying pattern to the experience, a conceptual framework which encompasses, but is larger than, any of the systems which display the synchronicity ( a matrix of sorts ). Yes I know ( matrix ) a dreaded word and concept to some lol I do not see the matrix as something evil - to me it represents something spiritual. I do believe that by using certain techniques anyone has the potential to tap into the pool of knowledge that lies buried deep within the matrix and have no doubt certain groups have been doing so for a very long time. One thing's for sure - There is more to this life than meets the eye

So lets start by introducing Jack Sarfatti

Jack Sarfatti an American theoretical physicist and the author of a number of popular works on quantum physics and consciousness. Sarfatti's main interests lie in Timothy Leary's “ SMILE ‘ program of space migration, intelligence increase, and life extension. His views include Colonel Phillip J. Corso's speculation that UFO’s may be of extraterrestrial origin or could be "terrestrial time ships" originating from our own future; that para-psychological phenomena may be real; that "retro-causal" (future-to-past) faster-than-light communication may be possible; and that space travel could be achieved by a controlled, possibly "psychokinetic" (mind manipulating matter), local warping of "emergent curved and torsioned spacetime. "

A bit more about his family history :

Samuel Sarfatti was personal physician to Pope Julius the II and Michelangelo’s anatomy teacher. Sarfatti brokered the deal for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.

From Dan Brown's book :

‘Sub Rosa…. A Sephardic transliteration - perhaps… possibly a Rashi Script “ P 299 Dan Brown. “Sarfatt” means “France” in Hebrew. “Sarfatti” means the “Frenchman” first applied by the medieval Jews in Germany to Rashi de Troyes (1040-1105) AKA Solomon ha-Zarfati - the greatest Jewish biblical commentator.

The Latin phrase sub rosa means "under the rose" and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality.The rose was the emblem of the god Horus in ancient Egypt. Later the Greeks and Romans regarded this as god of silence. This originates from a Greek/Roman misinterpretation of an Egyptian hieroglyphic adopting Horus along with Isis and Osiris as a god. The Greeks translated his Egyptian name Har-pa-khered to Harpocrates. The rose's connotation for secrecy also dates back to Greek mythology. Aphrodite gave a rose to her son Eros, the god of love; he, in turn, gave it to Harpocrates, the god of silence, to ensure that his mother's indiscretions (or those of the gods in general, in other accounts) were kept under wraps. Paintings of roses on the ceilings of Roman banquet rooms were also a reminder that things said under the influence of wine (sub vino) should also remain sub rosa. In Christian symbology the phrase "sub rosa" has a special place in confessions. Pictures of file-leaved roses were often carved on confessionals, indicating that the conversations will maintain secrecy. The phrase has also understood to make reference to the mysterious virginal conception of Christ, which will remain a secret to a rational mind. More recently, "sub rosa" activities have become a byword for covert operations, usually by security services. Originating primarily in the Canada and the USA special forces, this meaning has been gradually spreading to other countries and in particular the United Kingdom.

Ketav Rashi

Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki more commonly known by his acronym - Rashi is one of the most important Rabbi’s of Jewish history. He is known for his favourite commentaries on the Torah and the Talmud and is considered one of the greatest sages of Jewish tradition. It is rumoured that Rashi played a part in the formation of the Knights Templars.

Jack Sarfattis father told him he was from the house of David.

In his book Destiny Matrix Sarfatti claimed he was contacted by a computer on board a spacecraft. He said he was told he had been identified as one of four hundred young bright receptive minds? Even if you do not believe the UFO link who made the phonecall and why ? 400 BRIGHT YOUNG RECEPTIVE MINDS ?

In 1973 Jack Sarfatti opened up the Sunday Magazine of the San Francisco Chronicle and found an article on Stanford Research Institute's psychic research with Uri Geller. He telephoned SRI and spoke to Brendan O Regan . Brendan seemed to know of him and invited him to SRI. He arrived the next day and spent an intense seventeen hours with him. He introduced Sarfatti to Edgar Mitchell , to Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ, and other people connected with the project.

Sarfatti mentioned his experience with the alleged conscious computer on the spacecraft from the future in 1952 and Brendan said “ OH YES, I HAVE SEEN DATA ON SEVERAL HUNDRED INCIDENTS OF THAT KIND “ The question is - could there be more ?? Why were certain children selected and what were they being groomed for ??

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Following in our ancestors footprints

According to a paper that appeared in October 2008 in 100 billion years, everything we can see except local galaxies will have been pushed so far away by the universe’s expansion that all other sources of light will have been redshifted beyond our ability to detect them. All matter other than that in our galaxy will be invisible. In other words the universe will destroy all evidence of its origin. The authors suggest that there's another layer of complexity - the anthropic principle. They recognize that there is an anthropic principle because we came along at just the right time. Too much earlier, and we wouldn't be able to detect that the universe is in a new inflationary era, which tells us that it's dominated by dark energy. Too much later, and we wouldn't know there's a universe at all.

So what of man ? Driven by that unrelenting desire to know his origin - a journey that for many only seems possible on an conscious - intellectual level. The hordes of people that worship the accomplishments of modern man ie his industrial and scientific advancements and intellect above everything else - but at what cost?? And we will pay a price for this linear form of thinking . The Source of Life evolves innumerable forms of organic life, each in precise balance with the others...human beings do not own or control these natural treasures...Who is man to alter the original creation at the risk of potentially threatening the structure and balance of everything else in this amazing and wonderful world / universe. How arrogant for man to presume he can !! I then followed that linear thought reluctantly into the future - which ended in a vision of mankind hacking away at the trunk in a desperate attempt to remove themselves from the source - the very source that nurtures them - the result of which will mean imminent death. Which led me to a very important question - Why ?

If we view our mind more like a tree - ( The Conscious Mind ) ( Light ) ( Intellect ) - a perfect compliment to our physical realm - which will primarily consist of the main trunk - branches and leaves - it is that part of us that is always striving and reaching for the light -( the light being our ultimate goal - our final destination ) - that ultimate purpose for which something is created or intended. Then on another level hidden deep below the surface lies our subconscious - ( the roots - the hidden elements of our thoughts ) - buried deep within the EARTH ( within the primordial depths of darkness - we find the essence - spiritual/universal truth ) This is the metaphysical world - forms not yet manifest - We all know there is a fine line between genius and insanity - and there is no doubt that the journey through our subconscious realms is not only frightening but very dangerous - but it is in the realms of our subconscious “ All the Gods of old were born “ !!! Where all the myths and legends stem from and where all REAL knowledge is drawn.

Definition of Subconscious

The term subconscious is defined as existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond conscious awareness. The word was coined by the psychologist Pierre Janet, who credited it with a hidden level of awareness and automatism.

Our Ancestors were border dwellers - they lived between two dimensions of existence - between their conscious and subconscious mind. They believed everything was intricately interwoven and connected - as a consequence they could make distinctions between the microcosm and macrocosm. Many indigenous groups adhered to a mythic dimension rather than a practical knowledge of hunting which demonstrated their faith in the sacred relationship of the cycles and rhythms of nature, in accordance with the story of the earth's metaphysical creation. For them, the earth is the centre of intelligence of creation; a symbol and memory of the primordial ; a receptacle of all seeds cosmic, metaphysical, and biological; the nurturer of all life, both visible and invisible.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Can we draw parallels between the origin of our Universe ( which according to science evolved from a primeval atom ) to that of our subconscious which is primordial in nature? Our minds like the Universe are amazing - science once believed gravity would slow the rate of expansion of the universe but received a rude awakening when they found the universe is not only expanding but accelerating - much like our conscious mind but I do believe there is one fundamental difference the universes natural expansion is aligned with the essence - mans expansion is not.

In my opinion the only way forward for mankind is to “Walk in the footsteps of our Ancestors” bridging the gap between both dimensions of existence - we simply cannot move forward in a positive manner unless the two are aligned. Intellect and thought are only a small part of knowledge. There is another aspect which stems from our inner self . Some people are under the illusion one has to be “ religious “ or exceedingly pious in order to connect with that essence but I believe this is not the case. The world needs to be guided by people who are wise - people who are more that just surface dwellers - we need people that seek both knowledge and wisdom, that actually go one step further and analyse all the relevant consequences of their actions - people who see life both within and without. It is such souls who will produce beauty; it is such souls who will harmonize the world, who will bring about the positive conditions for change the world needs today.