Saturday, December 12, 2009

Divine Love

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According to a study of patients who have received transplanted organs, particularly hearts, it is not uncommon for memories, behaviours, preferences and habits associated with the donor to be transferred to the recipient.

I found this particular case study so profound and beautiful I decided to post it here. A modern Romeo and Juliet of sorts I know skeptics will argue it is all just a coincidence but - (I am a believer - it is not a dream - it is reality )

Eternal love - A powerful force that transcends the wheel of space and time - An invisible thread that connects everything in the universe - A primal energy that flows and fills tirelessly - the heart - the essence - the source of all Universal Truths

Love is Divine - and to find another who can give so completely - filling the very essence of your being with so much love that your sense of self and ego dissolve - to the point there is only pure essence of spirit left - When two loving hearts join - it is like two rivers meeting to become one, winding there way through the valleys of emotion until they reach the ocean of eternal joy.

Where the dream becomes reality and through deeper understanding the veil that once separated the world of spirit from matter can finally be lifted - where all elements and forces combine to become one - a cosmic dance of divine spiritual love - this is the primal energy source all life seeks - to become fully awake and see all the layers and dimensions of reality - so beautiful and perfect - creation with divinity, flesh with spirit.

Love is the power that moves the universe, the day of life, the night of death, and the new day after death. The radiance of this universe sends us a message of love and says that all creation came from love … Love leads to light. Mascaro

The donor was an 18-year-old boy killed in an automobile accident. The recipient was an 18-year-old girl diagnosed with endocarditis and subsequent heart failure.

The donor's father, a psychiatrist, said:

My son always wrote poetry. We had waited more than a year to clean out his room after he died. We found a book of poems he had never shown us, and we've never told anyone about them. One of them has left us shaken emotionally and spiritually. It spoke of his seeing his own sudden death. He was a musician, too, and we found a song he titled "Danny, My Heart Is Yours"—the words about how my son felt he was destined to die and give his heart to someone. He had decided to donate his organs when he was 12 years old. We thought it was quite strong, but we thought they were talking about it in school. When we met his recipient, we were so…we didn't know, like, what it was. We don't know now. We just don't know.

The recipient reported:

When they showed me pictures of their son, I knew him directly. I would have picked him out anywhere. He's in me. I know he is in me and he is in love with me. He was always my lover, maybe in another time somewhere. How could he know years before he died that he would die and give his heart to me? How would he know my name is Danny? And then, when they played me some of his music, I could finish the phrases of his songs. I could never play before, but after my transplant I began to love music. I felt it in my heart. My heart had to play it. I told my mom I wanted to take guitar lessons—the same instrument Paul [the donor] had played. His song is in me. I feel it a lot at night and it's like Paul is serenading me.

The recipient's father reported:

My daughter, she was what you say….a hell-raiser. Until she got sick—they say from a dentist, they think—she was the wild one. Then she became quite quiet. I think it was her illness, but she said she felt more energy, not less. She said she wanted to play an instrument and she wanted to sing. When she wrote her first song, she sang about her new heart as her lover's heart. She said her lover had come to save her life.


  1. Yes, such an interesting phenomena...cellular memory of more than just biological life, but personal life as well.

  2. Yes String something that has fascinated me for quite sometime now :)

  3. This is a really beautiful post Destiny. I think it's entirely possible that the boy foresaw what was going to happen and the girl felt his presence. It's bot hauntingly sad and very moving. She will never have known him in real life, but he is irrevocably a part of her. I wonder how this will afect her future?

  4. PS Sorry about the typos....;-( I am having trouble with my keyboard and have to positively stab it to get the keys to register the letters.

  5. Hi ValleyP :) I am so glad you enjoyed it - the story moved me deeply as well - you said :

    She will never have known him in real life, but he is irrevocably a part of her. I wonder how this will affect her future?

    To be honest I did not think about this story from that perspective but it does pose some very interesting questions - because she has and I assume continues to feel such intense love for her donor - I doubt she will ever be able to love another man in a physical / emotional sense. I always ignore typos :) I have had the same problems with keyboards in the past - thank you for reading - I love your blogs by the way - your life sounds so exciting.

  6. That is what I thought, Destiny. How can she have a normal relationship with another man with the knowledge and love of her donor always with her? I wonder if this will fade over the years and he will withdraw his presence. In a way it would be very sad for her to live her life with a departed soul and not a living one, but then maybe she will come to terms with that and be happy with it.

    Thanks for your comments about my blogs. My life is different, I know and sometimes the excitement is not what I really want,but I am always grateful for the different edge it gives my world. I love writing and cannot seem to manage without it. Once I finish a book, I can't wait to get on to the next one. This is mainly why I will probably never get published. I don't have the patience for all that self promotion and I just want to write!

  7. I have been thinking a little more about this -how amazing would it be for Danny ?? forever feeling that intense magical chemistry you get when you first meet someone you love passionately ;) imagine how amazing it would be to retain that intensity till the day you die ? ;)

    You have an amazing gift - your style is very engaging - enjoyable and uplifting - I have heard some amazing success stories about various people that have self published using Lulu - I think I read somewhere Jill Bolte Taylor started there and due to popularity and word of mouth was quickly snapped up by a publisher

  8. Hey Destiny, well that's a bit weird. I read this and then I'm surfing around foxtel and there's a flick on with this as the premise. It's called The Eye and involves Jessica Alba receiving someone else's corneas and then seeing spooky things. I didn't watch it all since I really don't groove on horror which is what it was.

    Typical of Hollywood, don't you think? Between contributing to the love, and contributing to the fear, which do you think Hollywood would pick? The latter every time.

  9. Synchronicity NB ? ;) You could safely receive my corneas with absolutely no fear of seeing spooky things whilst conscious different scenario at night though ?? as my corneas started projecting my past dream states into your dream state ?? ;-)

    Yes I agree with your statement about Hollywood - personally I prefer kids movies - documentaries and lifestyle channel - restrict myself to watching news about once every three months :)

  10. Destiny,
    I have been thinking about this post.
    Would I donate any of my organs.
    I can't get a truthful answer, when I say yes I remain unconvinced and likewise when I say no.

    Did you see that Will Smith movie 7 pounds - beautiful and inspired.
    Could you donate any part of your body?

  11. Hello Su :) Thanks for stopping by

    I think I am with you on the truthful answer - I know for sure I would be prepared to die for a loved one at the drop of a hat - but to go as far as to give one of my healthy organs to a stranger ? I am not sure ? I am nearly 99 % certain that faced with a life or death situation in which I needed another persons organ to survive I would probably choose death ?

    I have heard some amazing stories of people giving their organs to strangers - but there are times this has led to huge debate

  12. True love needs no explanation.