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The Real Da Vinci code - Knights Templars - UFO's - Secret societies - Part 7

This is an excerpt from weird science
by Alex Burns ( - January 28, 2001

Black holes, Alcubierre warp drives, traversable worm holes, and the quest for the Holy Grail of dark matter are outpacing the wildest SF fantasies in the public's imagination. In the science fraternity, this 'quantum weirdness' is creating new paradigms with which to view reality. The most controversial physicist in this field is Dr Jack Sarfatti, whose investigation of such phenomena as superluminal (faster than light) information and anomalous experiences challenges the very underpinnings of modern quantum physics.

Sarfatti's exotic theories are rarely discussed within the mainstream physics community. Like Harvard Medical School department of psychiatry's John Mack, who controversially researched UFO abductions, Timothy Leary's early 1960s metaprogramming experiments, or Lyall Watson's unorthodox explorations of Supernature (New York: Anchor Press, 1973), Sarfatti's exploration of the questions polite academics avoid has tainted his reputation. A typical off-hand response came from N. David Mermin of the Cornell physics department who studied Sarfatti's papers and corresponded with him during the 1980s: "Jack Sarfatti? What a weird, strange subject to be writing about!"

Master of the Vortex

Yet Sarfatti's theories of future causality - the future impacting on the present - are influencing the contemporary cultural meme pool. From Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) to Twelve Monkeys (1995), Sarfatti's ideas have been the subject of major sci-fi scenarios. Sarfatti himself was parodied as the memorable time-travelling Dr Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy.

According to Creon Levit of the NASA Ames Research Center, who studied and worked with Sarfatti, "Jack is a maverick, because he is examining what is perhaps the most cherished asumption of modern science - that all causes must precede their effects. People, including scientists, do not, unless they are very brave, like to question their cherished assumptions. This is unfortunate, because in quantum theory the mainstream theorists have gone so far as to give up objectivity - both in their physics, and I am afraid, in their approach to physics - in order to save causality."

"Physics is the Conceptual Art of the late 20th Century," Sarfatti claims. "But as a science it will lead to new practical super-technology." Recognising the role of theoretical physics as a cultural 'early warning system,' Sarfatti like his predecessors Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli, has investigated its archetypal foundations. Consequently he has evolved into a true 'Trickster' figure in the Gurdjieff/Leary mould, reconciling the roles of conceptual artist, physicist, poet and Magus.

"After Timothy Leary, I'm the only Magus left!" Sarfatti jokes. His synthesis attempts to capture the subjective reality of unconscious archetypes 'revealed' by quantum physics, a reality that, he says, can only be accessed by metaphor, evocation, poetry, and music.

Sarfatti's 'court' is the chic Caffe Trieste (dubbed 'Sarfatti's Cave' in deference to Plato). Situated in the bohemian suburb of North Beach, San Francisco, an area Sarfatti equates with the Left Bank of Paris: "very chic and the place to be seen; it's my neighbourhood for over 20 years."

Francis Ford Coppola (founder of the American Zoetrope motion picture production company); Lawrence Ferhlingetti; Guerilla Marketing expert Jay Conrad Levinson; and Jefferson Airplane's visionary musician Paul Kantner ("who visits the Caffe Trieste almost daily") are amongst the local community, supplanted in recent years by the Silicon Valley Nouvelle Riche and Hollywood creative artists who reside in or near North Beach. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich can be frequently found in local restaurants like Rose Pistolas or Toscas, capturing the Italian old charm that embodied the San Francisco of the Beat Era. Increasingly, North Beach is home to thriving publishing, advertising, investment, and multimedia production houses; and to activist think tanks including the Milarepa Fund and the Earth Island Institute. For many cultural iconoclasts, North Beach is a reminder that San Francisco had atmospheric character and artistic integrity decades before the Haight-Ashbury legacy descended.

The Caffe Trieste has been the site of Sarfatti's 'self imposed' exile from the conservative academic community, and his preferred location for lecturing to a rapt audience of 'espresso scholars'. A noted personality in the North Beach scene, Sarfatti is mentioned in Herbert Gold's works Bohemia: Where Art, Angst, Love & Strong Coffee Meet (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993) and Travels In San Francisco. His colleagues include the famous Beat poet Gregory Corso, who reinvigorates poetry long demonised by the Machine Age.

'Sarfatti's Cave' has now gone online, as he utilises the World Wide Web as an interactive education tool.

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  1. Retro-causality makes a hellava lot of sense. This was a most fascinating series of talks...I would love to hear this guy lecture...what happened to his paper do you know? How was it received?


    "Non-lethal psychic warfare using the distant manipulation of the consciousness of the 'enemy' will be an important factor in the 21st century," Sarfatti believes. "But it is preferable to the old means of war. The potential for these techniques of mind-control to be used in the field on unsuspecting naive populations in 'non-lethal warfare' are awesome to behold and contemplate. They can be and will be easily misused by authoritarian immoral power structures. These techniques not only involve manipulation by drugs and ordinary electromagnetic, sound and kinaesthetic signals - as in subliminal television broadcasting and virtual reality transmission via the Web - but also purport to involve quantum action at a distance in the reports on psychokinesis, telepathy and remote viewing." Sarfatti

    Old website

  3. Yes - they are all very good points String.

    Different sound frequency ‘s affect puddles of water that are comprised of grains of sand called colloids - these colloids change patterns according to different sound frequencies ? What if physical matter was built like this - Could atoms and molecules depending on sound frequencies shift ?

    What are the potential implications of this ?

    Precautions against unconventional arms must be intensified as potential terrorists develop chemical and biological weapons and electromagnetic methods that could create holes in the ozone layer or trigger earthquakes or volcanoes.

    – Former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen speaking at the University of Georgia, 1997

    The devastating tsunami created December 26, 2004 by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake that killed more than 300,000 people on the shores of the Indian Ocean caught the world off guard. It was the largest earthquake since the 9.2 magnitude Good Friday Earthquake off Alaska in 1964, and ties for fourth largest since 1900.

    The earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra occurred in a location geologists know is susceptible to powerful earthquakes. The quake occurred along a “subduction zone,” in which the Indian tectonic plate is being subducted, or pulled beneath, the Burma tectonic platelet. The overlying plate jumped upward more than 4.5 metres, lifting the water above it and setting off the tsunami.

    For some, the finger of blame doesn’t point squarely at nature but at top secret military testing in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

    The Egyptian weekly magazine Al-Osboa claimed the earthquake that triggered the tsunami “was possibly” caused by an Indian nuclear experiment in which “Israeli and American nuclear experts participated”.

    Days after the disaster, Canadian Professor Michel Chossudovsky wrote an article titled “Foreknowledge of A Natural Disaster: Washington was aware that a deadly Tidal Wave was building up in the Indian Ocean”.2 He noted “the US Navy was fully aware of the deadly tidal wave, because the Navy was on the Pacific Warning Centre’s list of contacts. Moreover, America’s strategic Naval base on the island of Diego Garcia had also been notified. Although directly in the path of the tidal wave, the Diego Garcia military base reported ‘no damage’.”

    “With modern communications, the information of an impending disaster could have been sent around the world in a matter of minutes, by email, by telephone, by fax, not to mention by live satellite television,” he adds.

    The idea of dolphins committing suicide is a controversial one. In Iran last year 152 dolphins washed up on the coast, leading people there to claim they killed themselves. But most scientists believe this is an example of anthropomorphism ?

    I mean people can draw their own conclusions but what if ? and yes this is a big IF ? political figures of standing in other countries could be manipulated by some sort of mind control technology ? Spurring the leaders into aggressive modes of behaviour ( ie like North Korea ) or alternatively this technology is used to create civilian unrest ( ie like we are currently seeing in Iran ) ? I know these are really bad examples lol because lets face it EGO can be a very destructive force in its own right and the two leaders I just mentioned above definitely suffer from inflated ego syndrome ;) but WHAT IF ?

  4. You know D...I just read an interesting theory on the earthquake of the 26th...that has nothing to do with man-made triggers...Andrew Collins (link to his site on my blog) in his book 'The New Circlemakers' in reviewing gravity shock waves - quotes Paul Laviolette - 'He has speculated that the Asian tsunami of Dec 26 -04, could have been triggered by an incoming 'superwave' arriving in advance of a powerful gamma-ray burst (GRB) from a distant stellar source named SGR- 1806-20 some three days later on Dec 29' - even though this was three days later -

    I find this fascinating...and in addition his discussion of orgone, Reich and plasma - he ties all this in with Crop Circles and UFO's.

    As far as the last paragraph, that technology is already here and has been since the 70's...could have been here earlier.